The digitalization of our lives has become one of the most important topics in recent years. New technologies are improving the workings of our society, as well as changing our way of life. However, going forward also means new kinds of dangers. CYBERSEC Forum was established to create a platform for the debate concerning prominent and urgent issues in providing sufficient ways of preserving cybersecurity.

This year, we are pleased to announce the 6th edition of CYBERSEC conference that will take place online from 28th to 29th of September. It is already known as a high-rank event that brings together the experts in a field from both, private and public sector. This year’s edition will take place in the digital space, making it a truly global gathering.

CYBERSEC Forum provides space for dialogue. Companies and their representants have an opportunity to make their voices heard and their actions visible. We believe that it is impossible to have a rich conversation about cybersecurity without understanding the point of view presented by businesses that shape the digital sector.

Becoming CYBERSEC partner is very rewarding in the long term. First of all, intellectual contribution. It provides you with an opportunity to present your ideas and solutions on the issues of the cybersecurity community. It allows you to influence the debate making your opinions heard through CYBERSEC media and social media coverage.

Second of all, networking. The conference is a platform that brings together the most influential professionals from around the globe, including key stakeholders from the EU, NATO and like-minded countries, as well as the representatives of global businesses. This is an opportunity to grow a valuable network that will help you establish new strategic relationships. You will also be able to find new rising stars of digital solutions who you mind consider excellent candidates for recruitment through CYBERSEC YOUNG LEADERS.

Third of all, the image. Becoming a partner of CYBERSEC is a clear message that cybersecurity issues are of great importance for your company. Thanks to that you are presenting to the world how responsible you are in your willingness to gain knowledge about the dangers in digital space and what kind of actions you are willing to take to ensure the safety of your clients.


Michał Rekowski – Strategic Partnerships Manager
e-mail: michal.rekowski[at]
mobile: +48 609 475 349

Tomasz Piekarz – Partnerships Manager
e-mail: tomasz.piekarz[at]
mobile: +48 791 024 497